A Unique UTF

There are many things that make our UTF program unique. One such example are the UTFs themselves, who find that their experience as an undergraduate teaching fellow is a springboard to their career. Meet Shaylen Fidel, a communication studies major with minors in chemistry, biology, finance, and environmental studies. Preparing for medical school, Fidel worked in a lab over the […]

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UTF Spotlight: Jessica Morrill

Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, Jessica is second from the left. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Morrill)

Jessica Morrill loves history because “it covers everything.” She explains that you get to choose what you are interested in, and then focus in. Jessica is double majoring in History and Economics, a mix she found appealing and described as a good hybrid between the Liberal Arts and Humanities areas with Quantitative studies. She plans to continue her education in […]

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UTF Spotlight: Brandon Teoh

Brandon Teoh is a UTF for Dr. Idalis Villanueva in the College of Engineering. He has been a key part in developing the Intro to Engineering course at Utah State University. We are proud to have him as a member of our Undergraduate Teaching Fellows program.   If I had to describe my experience working with the “Intro to Engineering” […]

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