Being a UTF will help you with your future career

Your role as an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow is worth more than being a teaching assistant. It’s more than being part of a great learning atmosphere. And, though this may surprise you, it’s even worth more than the paycheck it offers you. Because you are a UTF, you will have a greater chance at scoring the future career of your dreams. […]

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How to Utilize Your UTF

Here at Utah State University, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your education. And the Undergraduate Teaching Fellows are there to help you make that not just a goal, but a reality. However, this takes some work from your side as well. Here are some ways you can better utilize your UTF so they can […]

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So… What is a UTF?

At Utah State University, Undergraduate Teaching Fellows are students who take pride in elevating the classroom. They are students who have excelled in their various colleges and now want to help other students reach that same potential. UTFs are put into classrooms in several colleges and departments throughout the university to help students in those classes better learn the course […]

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