Amand Hardiman – An all-star player for the UTF team

When he moved to USU from Missouri, Amand Hardiman was looking for a change – and that’s exactly what he found. Amand is the newest member of the Undergraduate Teaching Fellows leadership team and he has a lot to add to our program.

Although Amand already received one degree from the University of Missouri, he isn’t ready to stop elevating his education and career.

“I want to pursue academics seriously,” Amand said matter-of-factly. And he is very serious about his academics. If you ever have a chance to spend some time with Amand, you’ll quickly come to understand that he is dedicated, ambitious and very hardworking.

Amand aspires to be a dean or athletic director at a university someday. Or, in his words, he wants to be “the top dog.” And those of us in the UTF program do not question his ability to become just that.

Aside from academics, Amand has a real passion for basketball. His passion led him to USU’s women’s basketball team, where he joined the coaching staff. Although he does love the game, he doesn’t want to be solely defined by athletics.

“I didn’t come here for basketball,” Amand said. He insisted that his love for the game is important to him, but so are his future career goals. This is why he’s now focusing solely on academia and no longer working with the basketball team.

According to Amand, he “stumbled across the UTF program.” And his involvement with UTFs quickly became inevitable. Amand was drawn to the UTF program becauseimg_1644 it is unique and he hadn’t seen it at other schools. He felt it was a great program to become involved with.

Amand said he loves the UTF program because it gives students an opportunity to see what a professor does behind the scenes. It also teaches students about public speaking, leading a classroom and getting involved with the academic community.

We are so lucky to have Amand on board with our program. If you see him around campus, be sure to welcome him to our team!

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