Have you completed USU’s Sexual Harassment Prevention training yet?

As UTF, you are in a unique position to witness and resolve problems in a classroom that professors or other students may not be in the position to see. This is why the university is adamant that all UTFs, as well as any other university employees, are required to complete a Sexual Harassment Preventing training.

If you have yet to complete this training, now is the time to do so! And the university has set up many opportunities in the coming weeks for you to complete this required training. You will be able to complete this training at a time that fits into your schedule. We simply ask that you complete the training as soon as possible.

What is the Sexual Harassment Prevention training?

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshops are for new employees and for those who have not attended previous sessions.
  • It will help you understand what to do if you ever come across any sexual harassment on campus.
  • The workshops are general 90-minute program.

When can I take the training? 

  • You can find a list of times here.

What if I can’t attend any of the listed times? 

  • You can contact the Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunities office directly to discuss other alternatives.

How do I sign up to attend a training?

  • No reservations are required to attend a training.
  • Simply show up at the time and place on time and ready to learn!
  • Make sure you have a writing instrument.

Will the university know if I don’t take the training?

  • Yes.
  • A list of people who have attended workshops will be sent to each Dean and Vice President for distribution to subordinate units.

Please take the time to complete the training as soon as possible, so your mentors and other university officials can make sure you’re qualified to take on this important role in the classroom. Above all else, we want to make sure you know what you can do to help students if and when a dangerous situation arises.

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