A Message From Dr. Frances Titchener, Program Director

Greetings, UTFs! I am pleased to tell you about this year’s orientation. Our theme is NETWORKING, and you should come to the gorgeous new Perry Pavillion in the Jon Huntsman Building on Tuesday, 20 September 3:00-4:00 pm, with your business cards and calendars, and prepared to link in.

I am making a special plea to experienced UTFs. I need you, as many as possible, to come prepared to lead a break-out table of three or four new UTFs. We will be talking about strategizing new assignments, doing presentations, dealing with tricky interactions, or anything else you think appropriate. We want to have as many tables as possible for informal breakout groups, and will spend about half an hour in that activity. I would be exceptionally grateful to you if you confirmed in advance.

I also want you, experienced UTFs, to consider joining my UTF Council. Our goal would be to help enhance this experience for students and faculty in any way we can. I have some very specific ideas, but I count on your experience and enthusiasm to help us plan. If you are interested in an increased leadership role in the program, please meet with me at my breakout table and let me know your thoughts. We’ll conduct most of our business by email, but we’ll meet face to face at least once, and I hope more often. Represent your college! If you’re a first-time UTF, I’m particularly interested in meeting you.

So please come, even if you’ve been to orientations before, and enjoy the incredible view, network with your colleagues, get important information about FERPA and Sexual Harassment Prevention workshop schedules, pick up some new ideas for your UTF assignment, and meet a bunch of great people.

I’ll see you there!

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