UTF Spotlight: Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan is an Organic Chemistry UTF at Utah State University. After his time at Utah State, he plans to go to medical school and has already been accepted to at least one of his top choices. We are honored to have him as part of our team.

Here is what Michael had to say about being a UTF:

“My time as an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow has been one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences I’ve had at Utah State. The job allowed me to help fellow students while networking with professors and gaining an in-depth knowledge of a subject that interested me. I absolutely loved being able to help students work through challenging materials and the relationship that I formed with my faculty mentor proved to be invaluable. The UTF program also gave me hands-on experience and one-on-one mentoring, which ultimately allowed me to receive a strong letter of recommendation. One of the best parts about being a UTF is that the job was never boring; I had the chance to run review sessions, create and grade assignments, and learn many other new skills. Looking back, my time as a UTF was one of the most valuable experiences I had in college and it helped me grow as a person. The UTF program is a perfect example of the many ways that Utah State strives to provide an exceptional education for its students.”

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