Planning Pro Tips

Planning is one of the best ways to increase your confidence and productivity. Here we’ve included some ideas on how to start or improve planning, benefits of planning, and some media resources on the importance of planning. We hope they are helpful for you!
Planning “Pro Tips”
  • Decide on your overall goals and values
  • Break these down into smaller action items
  • Set a consistent time weekly (and/or daily) to plan. Consider having detailed plans for this smaller time periods, and a calendar for your most important plans.
  • Find a method that’s effective for you to record and remember your plans–for example, electronic vs. paper scheduling.
  • Increase productivity by planning in break time
  • Take into account “in-between” time (for traveling and unplanned events)
  • Understand that not everything goes as planned, but you will feel more prepared
  • At the end of your planned period (week or day), evaluate how well the plans were accomplished and consider what you might change or keep the same for the next period.
  • Continue revising your plans.
Some Benefits of Planning
  • Higher productivity
  • Peace of mind,
  • Feeling of “being in control”
  • Knowing your schedule makes it easier to coordinate with others and their schedules
  • Staying balanced (avoiding feeling overwhelmed or idle)
Additionally, we’ve included an article on the importance of scheduling (5 minute read) and a video from the University on Time Management (less than 10 minutes).
Article Link:

Video Link:

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