So… What is a UTF?

At Utah State University, Undergraduate Teaching Fellows are students who take pride in elevating the classroom. They are students who have excelled in their various colleges and now want to help other students reach that same potential.

UTFs are put into classrooms in several colleges and departments throughout the university to help students in those classes better learn the course materials and get more out of their education. They do this through providing extra office hours, hosting test review sessions, tutoring students on course materials and guiding students on best practices to get the most out of their education.

Here are some ways you can expect to receive help from your UTF while at Utah State University:

Extra Office Hours:

Since some of the classes at Utah State hold 1500 students at a time, it’s important to the university that students are still able to experience the one-on-one attention that is needed to elevate their education. Because of this, UTFs are there to hold office hours at a different time than the professors, so that more students are able to talk to someone who has mastered the course materials at a time that is convenient.

Review Sessions:

One of the greatest challenges of a college education is figuring out how to best study and prepare for tests and exams. It is very important that students know and understand the course materials prior to the tests so that they are getting the knowledge they deserve. Because test preparation is so important, UTFs take it on themselves to reserve special times before the test to have review sessions for students. These review sessions are a great time for students to clarify information they may not fully understand, ask questions about how the tests operate, and review the coursework from someone who understands it fully.


Sometimes there is just information in a class that is difficult for some students to grasp. This is very common and it’s something that professors and UTFs understand. In order to help students with this issue, UTFs can hold special tutorials to help students grasp the information that is required. The idea with the tutorials is that students are usually much more likely to understand difficult material in smaller groups or one-on-one.

Best Practices:

Another difficult part of the college experience is figuring out how to work with the materials that are taught. As fellow students, this is something UTFs completely understand and are there to help students learn how they can best study and learn the course materials. UTFs often go over best practices for reading textbooks, taking class notes and studying for exams. It is very important to the UTFs that their students have every tool available to them to elevate their studies.

At Utah State, we put UTFs in the classroom for the sole purpose of helping everyone elevate the classroom to the point that everyone is learning and growing in a comfortable and exciting environment. It is important to us to make the college experience special and significant.

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